Sales Trackers for Amazon Sellers

Premium insights for Amazon Sellers, Track your BSR, Sales and Keyword Ranking on Amazon. Learn how promotions affects your Ranking and Keyword positions



BSR Tracker
Track product's BSR including historical information, see on one graph how sales affects your Best Seller Ranking
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Keyword Tracker for Amazon Sellers
Track your keyword positions on a daily basis, 100% hands-off. You can see the product's page position and the location in the search results
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Sales Tracker
Follow how many coupons sent via Viralix and how it affects your Ranking on Amazon
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Competitors Tracker (Coming soon)
Track yours and your competitors Keywords positions, see the differences on a daily basis for a better market research
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Why Rank Trackers are so important for Amazon Sellers?

Peter Drucker once said: “If you can’t measure it you can’t manage it”

In order to be successful on Amazon you must know where you are standing any time. For example, if you knew how many sales you need to have in order to be the best seller, what would you do? 

If you find that when you drive traffic from Facebook your product is raising to the first page, or if you get 3 reviews at the same day your rank is going down, what choices will you make?

This is exactly why Rank Trackers are important for Amazon Sellers.



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Do you want to be the Master of your Market? Follow your product, Follow your competitors

How does the Rank Trackers work for Amazon Sellers?

It’s so simple to use the Rank Trackers.

In order to track the BSR information, including historical information, all you need to do is to choose the marketplace, and add the ASIN. Within seconds you will be able to see all of your BSR history. If you have created promotion on Viralix for this product before, you can see its historical promotions information, and how was the effect on your Ranking.

The Keyword Tracker is also very simple to use. By choosing the marketplace, ASIN, and keyword, within 6 hours you will get your first position


"I love it! I create promotions on a daily basis and its Amazing to see how it affects my Ranking. Amazing feature"
Yulia Seor
Amazon Seller



We are checking the position every 6 hours, and you will see the highest results in the graph

We get the BSR Historical information from 3rd party software like Keepa and Quantify Ninja

During the free trial you can add 3 products to the BSR tracker and 10 keywords to the Keyword Trakcer

In the BSR Tracker you can see the results right away. 

In the keyword tracker – it might take up to 24 hours, and only if your product is on the first 10 pages.

You can track BSR for 8 marketplaces:
US, Canada, UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, France and Japan

The keywords tracker supports all of the above marketplaces exept Japan


VIP Basic

5 ASINs/Marketplace
  • Keyword Tracker - 45 KW
  • BSR Tracker - 30 ASINs
  • Premium Statistics
  • Historical BSR

VIP Booster

15 ASINs/Marketplace
  • Keyword Tracker - 150 KW
  • BSR Tracker - 100 ASINs
  • Premium Statistics
  • Historical BSR
Most Popular

VIP Viralix

100 ASINs/Marketplace
  • Keyword Tracker - 400 KW
  • BSR Tracker - 200 ASINs
  • Premium Statistics
  • Historical BSR

The most wanted features

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BSR Tracker

Track your Best Seller Ranking until you get the Best Seller Tag. The BSR Tracker including historical information with a simple UI, choose your marketplace and ASIN and you can start tracking your products!

Keyword Tracker

How many time a day you check Amazon for your product’s position? The keyword Tracker will do it for you, 100% hands off, no need to check Amazon every hour to see if your product went up in the search results.

Amazon Keyword Promotions -
Amazon Sales Controller - People holding files

BSR History

Watch your BSR History from day one until today. Follow you product’s process through the years and learn what did you do better and what get you the best results.

Live Promotions Tracker

View on one graph, you BSR, orders and promotional orders. Learn how it affects your Ranking, and take advantage. Create promotions or drive to your listing page.

Hand holding stopper - Scheduled Email delivery for Amazon Sellers
Amazon Deals sites for UK, Spain, Italy, Germany, US, Canada, France and Japan

International marketplaces

The BSR tracker supports 8 Marketplaces including North America, Europe and Japan. 

The Keyword Tracker supports all of the above marketplaces except Japan


Join Juicer.Deals and start tracking your and your competitors products for better market research!

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